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Langar Aid is a project by international humanitarian aid organisation Khalsa Aid International. Our mission is to serve the homeless, vulnerable and those struggling with poverty in the UK. We also work internationally to support the work of Khalsa Aid providing humanitarian aid in disaster and war zones.

As part of our global projects we work to provide vital food and water to the vulnerable and in emergencies where it is needed the most to save the lives of victims of natural disasters, wars and civil conflict. We work collaboratively with organisations, Governments, and NGO’s to effectively co-ordinate and supply vital nutrition in times of need.

Langar Aid does not just feed the hungry, we also offer non-judgmental help support and trust. We set up an environment where people feel safe, comfortable, and most importantly valued.

We really want to do our best to help stamp out hunger in our communities, therefore we must work together to support the less fortunate.
There is nothing more rewarding then providing a meal to a hungry person

Avtar Kaur, Langar Aid Coordinator

As we increasingly witnessed people struggling day to day living below the poverty line, we decided to help those most vulnerable and often homeless in our communities across the UK, Langar Aid was born out of this need. We have been blessed with an amazing Langar Aid team who have carried this initiative forward

Ravi Singh, CEO / Founder Khalsa Aid International

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