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Interaction and Engagement with Service Users

During our feeds we interact with service users and ensure they are aware of the services we provide. We talk to them and provide information about our long-term projects such as; Steps for Change where they can receive advice and support from organisations.

Many times, some service users avoid the feeds due to personal feuds with other service users. We understand this and carry out foot patrols where these service users receive a packed meal.

Rehabilitation and support

We understand that reasons for people becoming homeless or vulnerable can be deep rooted and complex involving many associated issues such as addiction, alcohol and mental health. In Coventry we are just beginning to extend our work to help alleviate some of the underlying causes. This includes inviting external agencies who can provide expert guidance and support. We have also set-up our very own on-site allotment which enables the homeless and vulnerable to grow their own produce and at the same time helps provide a sense of purpose and value.

Support, Skills and Activities

Langar Aid House in Coventry is open to provide service users with life skills and educational skills which help them with getting their life together. For example, we are in the planning stages of offering service users the opportunity to learn new recipes using affordable ingredients enabling them to cook nutritious meals independently.

We also aim to support communities by holding more pop up cafes around Coventry with the support of the community police and organisations such as CRISIS, CRC, Salvation Army etc to provide on-site advice to individuals similar to the current Police project running in the City Centre.